How Chris Pratt Lost Weight

How in the heck did Mr. Chunkster Chris Pratt Lose Weight and Become Muscular!?

chris pratt weight loss

Before We Begin

Forget what many sources out there tell you about weight loss. Here is a cold hard fact – weight loss and muscle building aren’t achieved through some revolutionary pill or product. Looking great and feeling the healthiest you have ever felt boils down to one thing – consistency. If you are someone who works out every once in a while, or eats healthy for a month and then goes back to your old “pizza-per-day” diet, you will never have the results that you want. However, if you are serious about looking great year-round and are willing to put in the work and effort to succeed, then you have come to the right place. Alright… let’s get started.


The “New” Chris Pratt Mindset


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You may have seen Mr. Pratt in the show Parks and Recreation. While he may have been a funny and lovable character, he was pretty much the definition of overweight. When Chris got a few new roles in action movies, such as Passenger in 2016, he revolutionized his physical appearance by working out and changing the way he ate. However, in order to take any action to achieve his goals he needed to form a new mindset. If you want to become like the “new” Chris Pratt, you also must form a new mindset. You have to commit yourself to a new way of living. You have to form new habits and an altered lifestyle. A great way of doing this is to read self-help books such as a way of keeping yourself motivated when the going gets tough. A book that I highly recommend is The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. Now, let’s get on to the complete Chris Pratt weight loss plan. I will break this into two separate sections, the diet plan of Pratt, and the Chris Pratt fitness routine.


The Chris Pratt Diet Plan


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In order to get the incredible physique that Mr. Pratt achieved, he had to follow a new style of eating. The meal plan shown below is known as the “Chris Pratt Meal Plan” but I like to call it the “Chris Pratt Lose Weight and Gain Muscle Plan.”


Two Eggs – Whole

Six Scrambled Egg Whites cooked in One Tbsp Coconut Oil and topped with a Half Fresh Sliced Avocado & Organic Tomatoes


One Chicken Breast – Grilled

Two Cups Mixed Steamed Vegetables – Cauliflower and Broccoli


Half a Pound of 99% Fat Free Ground Turkey with 4 Tbsp of Salsa


Fifty Grams of Maltodextrin, Forty Grams of Whey Isolate, and 5 Grams of L Glutamine

Post Workout MEAL (MEAL #5)

Eight Ounces of Grilled Tilapia Fish

One Large Sweet Potato with One Tbsp Cinnamon and Raw Honey


Eight Ounces of Salmon with One Tbsp Coconut Oil

Two Cups of steamed Spinach with Cayenne Pepper

The Chris Pratt Workout Plan


lifting weights workout plans chris pratt


Here is where the true hard work comes in. If you aren’t going hard in the gym, you aren’t going to see the maximum results achievable. So, how did Chris Pratt lose weight? By eating right and working out consistently. But…but… what kind of workout do I need to do? I’ve got you. Below is a slightly-modified, but still highly effective version of the Chris Pratt workout routine.

Monday – Back day

5 sets of Pullups – 20/15/12/10/10 Reps

5 sets of Pushups – 20 Reps Each

4 sets of Wide Grip Lat Pulldowns – 12 Reps Each

4 sets of Hammer Strength Rows – 12 Reps Each

4 sets of One-Arm Rows – 12 Reps Each Arm

4 sets of Back Hyperextensions – 25/20/15/15 Reps

Tuesday – Chest Day

4 sets of Bench Press – 12/10/8/6 Reps

4 sets of Heavy Weight Bench Press – 4 Reps Each

4 sets of Incline Bench Press – 12 Reps Each

4 sets of Hammer Strength Bench Press – 15 Reps Each

4 sets of Weighted Dips – 10 Reps Each

4 sets of Standing Cable Flys – 12 Reps Each

Wednesday – Leg Day

7 sets of Squats – 10/8/6/5/4/3/3 Reps

4 sets of Deadlifts – 12/10/8/6

1 set of Leg Presses until Failure

4 sets of Walking Lunges – 10 Steps Each Direction

3 sets of Leg Extensions – 20 Reps Each

3 sets of Leg Curls – 20 Reps Each

3 sets of Standing Calf Raises – 20 Reps Each

Thursday – Shoulder Day

7 sets of Military Presses – 10/8/6/5/4/3/3 Reps

4 sets of Arnold Presses – 12 Reps Each

4 sets of Barbell Shrugs – 12 Reps Each

3 sets of Lateral Raises – 12 Reps Each

3 sets of Front Raises – 12 Reps Each

3 sets of Rear Deltoid Flys – 12 Reps Each

Friday – Arm Day

3 sets of Barbell Curls – 10 Reps Each

3 sets of Skull Crushers – 10 Reps Each

3 sets of Preacher Curls – 10 Reps Each

3 sets of French Curls – 10 Reps Each

3 sets of Hammer Curls – 10 Reps Each

3 sets of Tricep Rope Pressdowns – 10 Reps Each

3 sets of Wrist Curls – 20 Reps Each

3 sets of Reverse Wrist Curls – 20 Reps Each

how did chris pratt lose weight

There you have it folks, this is what it takes to get the physique that Chris Pratt has achieved. I gave you all the information that you need, the complete Chris Pratt weight loss diet and gym plan, now you don’t have any excuses. Get to the gym and get to work.


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